Half a year has gone by: what happened the past 6 months

I can’t believe that six months have already gone by. At the same time, I bid those six months good riddance! It would be unfair for me to say that the first half of 2019 was filled with nothing but bad things but since it’s impossible to turn back time, I’d rather just turn by back and move on instead.

There were definitely highlights, with an emphasis on “high”. In March I got officially hired to kickstart the work to update KDE’s developer documenation. That should have ended in June but, due to personal circumstances I’ll mention later, I still have to close that chapter formally.

My older (emphasis on “old”) turned 40 this year. They say life that’s when life begins and I certainly hope it is the case for her. We have our ups and downs but that’s part of life. I love her to bits. Her milestone, sadly, also means I’m next in just a few years.

2019 was also abuzz with superhero films, the biggest of which is, of course, Avengers: Endgame. I even finally took the risk to buy a special backup and have it shipped to me in preparation for that. And the ride isn’t even over just yet. Still hoping the entertainment industry doesn’t over do it to the point that people get tired from the oversaturation of superhero films and videos. Because there is still <strong>a lot</strong> of heroes I want to see in live action (or even return, like Iron Fist please!).

The past months weren’t always kind, however, especially during the second quarter. In April, we had a rather big earthquake that had us running outside the building. Although damage in the city has been minimal and it wasn’t yet “The Big One”, it made me realize how unprepared we were for such eventualities. And, of course, the first things I grabbed on running out were my gadgets.

My biggest heartache, however, happened just last month. Mom had her biggest fall and, for the third time, I was there and couldn’t even save her. I may have also been the indirect reason for her fall in the first place. It required surgery again and no small amount of difficulty for her. That may be the only incident I wish I could use my Time Stone on.

But, as they say, past is past. Things still hurt, physically and emotionally, but there’s really no point in dwelling in the past. In fact, I’m so looking forward to moving on and picking up my life again. Not sure if I can call it “going back to normal”, since nothing will probably be normal from this point on. All I can do is adapt and evolve.

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