Bullet Journal 4 months in: why it doesn’t work for me

(This post was written and was supposed to be published in April. Yeah …) I finally bit the bullet. I’m a hoarder of notebooks of the physical variety, most of which remain unused and unsullied by ink or graphite. I also hoard productivity systems in the false hope that I’ll stumble on one that will … More Bullet Journal 4 months in: why it doesn’t work for me

Classes Begin

MAJOR EDIT: I have decided to follow the format of my transcript for the second Ubuntu Classroom, and combine both days’ classes in one page. This will minimize having to switch from page to page. I also put the “Review” section at the end of the whole transcript, in order not to distract readers from … More Classes Begin

Ubuntu Users: Get inside their heads

richbarna over at Ubuntuforums.org started a thread that collected blogs and/or websites of the different Ubuntu users/community members. Not all of them are Linux-related. It’s sometimes nice to know what other Ubuntistas (I think that’s what we Ubuntu users are called) are interested in. The variety of interests and personalities just goes to show how … More Ubuntu Users: Get inside their heads


So what have I been doing these past days? Well, first I’ve finally finished writing the first part of my first ever Linux article/post. It took some time to make because I wanted to get at least some of my facts and information right. Even so, I’m still not absolutely sure that what I wrote … More Updates