My Great Disclaimer

The things that I have written/will write about Linux, Free/Open Source Software, Ubuntu, and other related matters are solely my own opinions, based on my personal experience with using the aforementioned software. Where I will be stating the opinion of others, I will be providing links to related quotes or pages whenever possible.

Any tips, tricks, HOWTO’s, and the like have been done, tested, and have been proven to work on my system, and only on my system. However, I am, by no means, a computer administrator, programmer, or developer (at least, not yet). As such, I cannot guarantee that exactly the same outcome will be reproduced on other systems/computers. While others may confirm the reliability of these techniques, it does not mean that it will work 100% on each and every system. That being said, I do guarantee that I have taken great measures to ensure that these will not have any adverse effects on other systems. As much as possible, I limit my tips into things that are reproduceable and reversible. And where system critical procedures will be undertaken, appropriate warnings and reminders will be given. I will also be very willing to help any problems caused by my instructions, to the best of my knowledge. Please use with caution and at your own risk.

Posts with important information, like guides, tutorials, etc., will have timestamps (in UTC) at the bottom, both for when the post was created and when it was last edited. As much as possible, I will also try to indicate the appropriate level the post/guide is suited for: beginner, intermediate, and advanced (so far I don’t see myself making any advanced posts/guides in the near future).

Other than that, have fun and enjoy!


Last edited: Jul 20, 2006 14:16 UTC

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