The retrospective I didn’t want to write

This year was a pretty odd one, and that’s putting it very mildly. Aside from a short scare back in April, things seemed to be looking up for the rest of the year. And then June came to undo the months that came before it. It has been one hell of a ride and, while the journey is far from over, things seem to be settling down a bit. Enough for me to finally sit down and reluctantly look back at the past three months.

They have definitely been eye-opening, and not always in a good way. The literal journeys I took have made me more appreciative of the luxury I have when it comes to my job. I can only imagine how most people are able to survive the draining experience of everyday commutes on top of what is often a tiring job.

I promised myself I would be more conscious of the time I have when I do get back to my regular schedule. But alas, the flesh is week and my idea of “getting back to regular schedule” apparently involved also getting back to bad habits. I told myself maybe I’m just trying to catch up with months of barely having any time for myself. That was more than four weeks ago, so what’s my excuse now?

The sudden change in schedule also meant putting personal projects on hold. It also sadly affected my work for KDE. While these events did show how priorities can change and how some, like family, are ultimately more important than others, it also revealed how terrible I really am at self and energy management. I’ve been terribly spoiled with time and opportunities and yet I routinely fail to accomplish things that others have with less resources than me. Circle back to the problem above.

That’s not to say I got nothing done in those three months or that nothing great happened. Of course, there’s still my job over at SlashGear and Android Community and I couldn’t be more grateful for having bosses and colleagues that understood my situation and supported me all the way. I have started to wean myself off proprietary services and jump on open source solutions, a still ongoing and probably never-ending mini project. I got a new companion that I hope will last me for quite a while, at least until Linux can run properly on dual-screen tablets. And then there’s Inktober, which I did almost manage to botch. I should probably be proud that I only missed 5 days out of 31.

Things aren’t completely back to how they were five months ago. Mama still undergoes therapy and I myself am still recovering from a major gout episode. I still have to really catch up with both personal and professional work Perhaps things will never really go back to how they were and that may be for the best. It forces one to face the reality that nothing is permanent except change itself and to move forward, adapt, and evolve. To be better than how you were five months ago.

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